Everyone listed below is an active member of the Austin Burlesque Alliance.

Groups / Troupes

Bat City Bombshells

A local Austin Burlesque group who love to please! We perform both group numbers and solos, incorporating both classic vaudeville burlesque, and modern strip-tease. These lovely ladies are available for private shows, events, and venue performances. We’re here teasin’ and pleasin’ and we want to spice up your nights!

Black Widow Burlesque

This diverse and exciting group of burly-q vixens are taking the city by storm with their dazzling mix of burlesque cabaret featuring classical and neo-burlesque and everything in-between! Known for keeping Austin weird, their dynamic range of group numbers and themed shows these ladies produce invite the crowd to dress up and be a part of the show!

Audiences rave about the theatrics these ladies bring to each of their themes- from musical to patriotic, drag to pin-up and glamor – and eagerly await the glitzy Anniversary/Birthday shows and their “Spanksgiving Festival” every November! They’ve been seen on stages and in festivals across Texas, wowing audiences every where they go!

Boiz of Austin

The Boiz of Austin are Austin’s only drag king troupe. Founded in late 2015, the Boiz came together to create a collective of drag kings and Trans/gender non-conforming performers unlike anything else in Austin. Known for their queer & cleverly naughty ways, the Boiz of Austin perform drag, boylesque, queerlesque, strip tease, group acts, live singing, aerial/acrobatics, performance art and more. They have performed at Austin International Drag Fest, Austin Pride, Texas Queerlesque Festival, and were runner up for the Audience Choice Award at the 2016 San Antonio Burlesque Festival. Individually, many of the Boiz are award-winning/title holders and have performed all over Texas, and as far as New York City and Europe. The Boiz of Austin have a monthly residency at Elysium Austin. Check out the Austin Burlesque Alliance calendar for upcoming show dates from Austin’s favorite Boiz!

Frisky Business Burlesque

Since 2011 Frisky Business Burlesque has been known for bringing a unique blend of daring and diverse variety cabaret to the stage. What can you expect to see at a Frisky show? Cabaret singing, aerial acrobatics, modern dance, burlesque, sideshow stunts, group choreography, drag, flow arts, comedy, fetish, cosplay, and more! Their boundary-pushing shows are an over-the-top mix of burlesque and debauchery that is not to be missed.

For a devilishly good time, you need to Get Frisky.

Geekgasm Revue

Geekgasm Revue is Austin’s original dedicated nerdlesque, cosplay, and geek trivia production all in one. Established in 2015 by Professor Argo and Gemmi Galactic, Geekgasm has been exciting Austin audiences with geek-themed shows of rotational casts of cosplaying burlesque, drag, and variety performers.

Queertini Time

Queertini Time is an award-winning, gender-bending burlesque duet from Austin, Texas. Comprised of Eaton Johnson and Shelby Mine, this comedic duo began performing together in 2004 and formally established Queertini Time in 2010. They were featured in the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s ‘Movers, Shakers, and Innovators Showcase’ in 2019, and were awarded the Best Duet and the Audience Choice awards at the first annual Southern Fried Burlesque Festival in 2011, Best Ensemble at the 2013 Texas Burlesque Festival, Best Duet at the 2015 + 2017 San Antonio Burlesque Festival, and Most Original at the 2018 Texas Burlesque Festival.

Eaton and Shelby have been instructors at the Austin Academy of Burlesque since 2013. Both have also been active members of the Austin Burlesque Alliance since its inception in 2011.

Queertini Time is a potent mixture of striptease, spirit gum, comedy, and camp. “This queer cocktail is always shakin’!”

The Jigglewatts Burlesque Review

Established in 2006, the Austin based Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue has been teasing and thrilling audiences with their re-imaginings of classic burlesque and exciting forays into the art of neo-burlesque. Members of this boutique troupe have headlined at an international level, performing from New Orleans to Las Vegas, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, Munich and Adelaide, Australia . Featuring classically trained dancers, vocalists and entertainers whose brand of burlesque is upbeat, cheeky, clever, elegant and sexy all at the same time, they invite audiences of both men and women to join in the fun. With over fifteen titles collectively, including Hot Rods & Heels “Troupe of the Year,” Texas Burlesque Fest “Audience Choice Award” and “Best Costume,” New Orleans Burlesque Fest “Queen of Burlesque” and Burlesque Hall of Fame “Best Debut,” this resplendent troupe is the most highly acclaimed in the country.  


Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is an international, award-winning aerialist, acrobat, and drag king who is known for his unique style of aerial drag. He is a performer, emcee and producer for the Boiz of Austin, Austin’s only drag king troupe. Alexander has been performing his entire life, but entered the burlesque scene in 2013, where he would eventually find his true love of drag in 2015. Alexander the Great has performed at Austin International Drag Fest, the Texas Queerlesque Festival, Austin Pride, the Bristol Burlesque Festival in England, and the San Antonio Burlesque Festival. He has also performed all over Texas, and as far as New Orleans, Los Angeles, and New York City. He won first runner up in the professional Lyra division in the Capitol of Texas Aerial Championships 2016. He performs on the pole, lyra, aerial chains, & aerial hammock, but will be performing with more apparatuses soon! Alexander loves to challenge society’s gender norms on stage and loves to show that that great things can come in smaller packages. He is king of the skies and mighty in size; He is Alexander the Great!

Amelie Ahmose

Amelie Ahmose, the Siren of Surprise, is a variety performer for hire in Austin, Texas and beyond. Using her backgrounds in Egyptian belly dance, opera singing, and acting, as well as her twisted sense of humor, Amelie Ahmose brings unpredictable burlesque and variety acts to the stage.

This Siren of Surprise can be found breaking brains as a member of Frisky Business Burlesque, Mistress Of Musicality Productions and a regular guest at the Geekgasm Revue. She has also joined comedic forces with Fou Fou Ha Austin, a collective of showgirl clown performers.

Amelie’s dance training began as a teenager, and also kicked off her career as a variety entertainer. With over a decade’s worth of performance experience, her talents are sure to provide a sensual and entertaining element to your next event. Whether she is enticing your audience with her belly dancing skills, or storming the stage with unforgettable burlesque performances, booking her for your next event is something you surely won’t regret! She is a seasoned performer for hire in Austin, Texas and beyond!

Facebook Profile: Amelie Ahmose
IG: @amelieahmose
Twitter: @amelieahmose

Anastasia Arsenic

Anastasia Arsenic is a classically trained dancer and actor. She has performed and choreographed for a wide variety of dance and theater companies. Post studies she coached the University of Montana Dance Team and choreographed and produced a variety of dance showcases and musicals such as; Chicago, Reefer Madness, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Cabaret and Harley Davidson Presents: Leather Forever. 

After moving to Austin she danced with The Austin City Showgirls where she served as a back up dancer with the for the music award show on Univision Premios Texas. She stage managed Dance Austin’s Annual Fight to Breathe Choreographers ball. She’s danced and choreographed for neo-circ theatrical experience company Crash Alchemy, and as a guest artist for immersive and experimental dance theater company Third Rail Project (NYC). Most recently she has worked as a freelance choreographer and performer in the Austin community. She is the co-founder of the dynamic duo The Toxic Twins, a member of the Austin Burlesque Alliance, the former director and producer of Dr.Sketchy’s Austin, a muse in Coco Lectric’s production company Mistress of Musicality and an instructor at the Austin Academy of Burlesque and a member of the Bat City Bombshells. 

Beav Braverman

Beav Braverman has one question for you. And the answer is “Why?”. One of Black Widow Burlesque’s newest performers, Beav was raised deep in the woods of New Hampshire where she learned how to hold her own attention span in the middle of nowhere. She was looking for weirdos and she heard Austin was full them. It was there she entered the Austin Academy of Burlesque, where she studied the art of tease and met so many of her friends and incredibly talented colleagues. So here she is! If you wanna play with the absurd and get lost in the ridiculous leave it to Beav Braverman!

Chola Magnolia

This chica sabrosita has been bouncing and swaying onstage for the past eight years. She began her career with Kings and Things, Austin’s Premiere Drag King Troupe, in 2008. A couple years down the road, she ventured off on her own to become a soloist roaming the streets of Austin. Chola currently is a co-producer and cast member of The Midnight Menagerie (a perfomer of color collective), is a co-founder of Curvy Gurl Productions, is a member of Fat Bottom Cabaret, a dancer with the Austin Samba School, and an instructor at The Austin Academy of Burlesque. She has graced the stages of several fiestas throughout Texas, including the Inaugural Latin Burlesque Festival in Dallas, headlining the South Texas Burlesque Revival in Corpus as well as the Inaugural Queerlesque Festival in Dallas. This buxom beauty was the runner up for audience choice at the 2014 Texas Burlesque Festival and won the title of Biggest Tease at the same fest in 2015, and was 2015’s Queen of San Antonio Burlesque. She is “The Baddest Blossom from the Barrio.”

Coco Lectric

Coco Lectric is a classically trained dancer, actor, and vocalist. With an absolute love of performing, she graces stages all over the world. She is a created the World Go-Go Championship, she’s a founding member of The Jigglewatts Burlesque (Austin, TX), founder of the Austin Burlesque Alliance, co-producer of the Texas Burlesque Festival and the Headmistress of The Austin Academy of Burlesque. Coco won “Queen of Burlesque 2010” at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. She was “2010 Texas Performer of the Year” from the Hotrods and Heels festival and won the “Audience Choice Award 2009,” at the Texas Burlesque Festival. She’s been featured in numerous festivals and headlined at Girlesque in Toronto, Windy City Burlesque Festival, Dallas Burlesque Festival, Suncoast Burlesque Festival and the Southwest Burlesque Festival. She performed Opening Night at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas 2010 and in the Miss Exotic World and Reigning Queen of Burlesque competition in 2011, 2012 and 2013. She was Viva Las Vegas’ second runner up in 2011 and was voted #7 in 2011 and is currently #5 in the world (21st Century Burlesque’s “50 Top Burlesque Performers in the World”). Coco has also graced the cover of Bachelor Pad, Pin Curl, Atomic Bombshells, Min Boudoir and been featured in The Berlesker, 21st Century Burlesque, All That Glitters and numerous other publications.

Dandy Velour

Dandy Velour is a burlesque performer in Austin, TX. Dandy is a member of Black Widow Burlesque and Bizarre Strippers Burlesque. They can be found in various states of undress locally and throughout the US. Aside from shows with their local burlesque troupes, they have had the chance to perform in numerous shows and festivals doing drag, burlesque, and cosplay acts, including The Austin International Drag Festival, The Texas Burlesque Festival, The Texas Queerlesque Festival, Spanksgiving, Queerbomb Denton, Queerbomb Austin, Bushwig, Switch n Play, Austin Pride, Boiz of Austin, The F Show, Gender Unbound, and The Body Political.

Dandy is trans non-binary and uses performance to blur the lines between masculinity and femininity, urging audiences to reconsider gender binaries. Dandy is known for their choreography and storytelling. Dandy has a background in swing dancing, and they have taught, performed, and competed internationally. Dandy uses this, as well as inspiration from K-Pop and modern dance styles to tell stories with movement. Whether sitting in pizza, collaborating with other burlesque performers, or sharing deeply personal and emotional acts, Dandy always has something up their sleeve. Dipped in gold and covered in glitter-they’re Dandy Velour.

Delia Dread

Delia Dread is known as the good girl, with bad intentions. Dread focuses on traditional burlesque, and vintage Go-Go dancing. But also brings a unique, one of a kind, modern twist, with an emphasis on “cheeky” comedy. She most definitely puts the ass in class.

With over 6 years in the burlesque community. Delia was the former founding member of Black Widow Burlesque. After BWB, DD went on her own and started producing variety showcases at Antone’s nightclub. Currently, she is performing as a solo artist dancing with live bands like, The Copa Kings, Dale Watson, Two Hoots and a Holler and many more.

DoubleDown Dixie

DoubleDown Dixie, or Triple D, is a veteran of the stage. A well rounded artist, she has been performing her whole life. From classical to punk rock, and a little in between, Dixie has always been a down home Texas strip tease queen and a siren of the blues. Dixie is a big believer in the fact that every woman is beautiful no matter her size, color, or age, and tries to spread that message to everyone she meets. Her heart and soul thrive on entertaining and she’ll give you all the glitz, glamour, teasing, pleasing, bumping and grinding you can handle!

Dr. B. Hindstein

Dr. B. Hindstein, the nuts for butts Professor of Booty Appreciation, is the drag king brain child of Gemmi Galactic. Inspired by a mix of Jerry Lewis’s physical comedy, the artist’s own experience as a dorky adolescent, and sleazy ladies’ man raunch, Doc is a big ego in an awkward frame. This Geek with Gusto has been stealing hearts from stages across Texas since 2014 with both Frisky Business Burlesque AND the Boiz of Austin. 

Electra Mourning

Originally from Orlando, Florida, Electra Mourning has called Austin home since 2007. With her background in theater and competitive forensics, she loves to make and hold a connection with an audience.

After performing initially in 2012 with the Bat City Bombshells, she branched out to become a soloist in 2013. A Graduate and occasional Guest Instructor at the Austin Academy of Burlesque, Electra believes you never stop learning your love.

With performances often called “Breathtaking” and “Captivating”, she is your Sultry Southern Storm!

Eve Vocative

Originally from Atlanta, Eve Vocative is a relative newcomer to the burlesque scene in Austin, Texas. Beginning with an addiction to pole dancing, Eve transitioned to burlesque in 2013 and fell in love with the creative freedom it offered her. In the past year and a half, she has performed independently all over Texas, becoming known for character-driven pieces brimming with sexuality and humor. A frequent volunteer with Naked Girls Reading and Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing in Austin, you may have seen her shimmying all around Texas. This year marked her first foray into festival performance, and she was honored to be able to bring a little wicked fun to the Texas Burlesque Festival stage!

Gemmi Galactic

This silly space babe lives in a glittery vortex of scifi, horror, fantasy, and fetish! Landing her Galactic Mothership in Austin, TX, Gemmi has been performing clever and geeky burlesque as well as producing Frisky Business Burlesque since 2011 and producing Geekgasm Revue- Nerdlesque and Trivia since 2015. In 2016 Gemmi Galactic was an Austin Chronicle “Best of Austin” Finalist for Best Burlesque Performer, and has been an instructor with the Austin Academy of Burlesque since 2018. Setting pasties to STUN, this scifi sweetheart will make you say “Hubble, Hubble!”

Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps, The Tastiest Tease in Texas, is an award-winning burlesque performer and producer from Austin, TX. Voted Austin’s “Best Burlesque Performer” by the 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Austin Chronicle Reader’s Poll, she is renowned for her unique approach to burlesque and aerial performance infusions. Ginger has been seen on stages across the country from New York to LA and TV screens around the globe including on America’s Got Talent and performing at the illustrious Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in Las Vegas!
She is the Performance Manager for Sky Candy Aerial Arts, the founder of Legislate THIS – a series of burlesque fundraiser shows for Planned Parenthood, as well as the founder and lead producer of the Buxom Blaze Festival – the world’s first plus size burlesque, drag, and variety fest. Ginger clearly doesn’t sleep a whole lot, but finds great enjoyment in cats, circus, glitter, fighting the patriarchy, and bizarre productions. Follow her shenanigans on various platforms at @gingersnapsburlesque!

Goldie Candela

Goldie Candela began her role in the burlesque scene in 2007, billed as Abbey Rose in one of Austin’s most successful Vaudeville Cabaret Troupes, Carousel Cabaret. After leaving Carousel in 2009 she joined The world renowned troupe, The Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue. After a 5 year run with this notable troupe Goldie has struck out on her own. Through her creativity and sultry stage presence, Goldie has established a reputation in the world of burlesque. As a hot up-and-coming burlesque performer, Goldie can be seen on the festival circuit, sharing the stage with renowned Kings and Queens of Burlesque and winners of Miss Exotic World.

Goldie is also the first recipient of the Sparkly Devil Memorial Scholarship, Burlesque Hall of Fame, 2014. Where she was able to learn one on one with Legends of Burlesque in master classes and be the escort to “The Venus of Dance”, Dee Milo.

In addition to her active career as a performer, Goldie has earned accolades as a performance coach. Coming from a background of dance, theater and music, she helps performers at every level develop their characters and stage personae.

Jay Bird

Jay Bird is an illustrious boylesque performance artist hailing from his native town of Houston, Texas. His style is a clever remix of modern dance fused with the sass and class of Fred Astaire.

Making his first-ever performance debut at the 2014 Texas Burlesque Festival, Jay Bird was a crowd favorite which earned him runners up for audience choice. Since then, he has migrated all over the burlesque scene with his dapper charm and clever routines.

Jolie Goodnight

Jolie Goodnight, a member of the illustrious Austin, Texas Jigglewatts, is an international jazz singer and burlesque dancer in love with all things decadent and delightful. She is the 2012 2nd Runner up Miss Viva Las Vegas and the 2011 Texas Burlesque Festival Winner of the Best Tease Award and the Audience Choice Award. Her burlesque career began in San Diego, California with the award winning Hell on Heels Burlesque Revue and the Fishnet Follies Classic Burlesque Revue. She’s been called the burlesque nightingale and she’s slated to release her highly anticipated debut album this year. She and has been hailed by Bachelor Pad Magazine as your beacon in the night, Jolie Goodnight!

Lady Luck

Once upon a time, amidst all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, there was a burnt out showgirl. She had been a tiger wielding magician’s assistant, a tap dancing gorilla, a dancing cocktail server, and even rode a dolphin in the sky. Alas, she was tired of being in the chorus line. Through a love of performing, crafts and all things glitter, Lady Luck was born! Currently living in Austin, TX, Lady Luck is your cheeky, girl next door, known for her showgirl walk and her sultry moves on stage. She was a finalist for the Nouveau Nuit Audience Choice award at the Texas Burlesque Festival 2012. The Topless Vegas Guide says “She’s a wonderful performer, had the crowd in the palm of her hand, and truly understands the art of the slow tease.” You’ll wish some of her luck would RUB OFF on you!

Miss Scarlett Black

With her alabaster skin, raven hair, and enchanting gaze, Miss Scarlett Black will haunt your dreams.

She began modeling at age 14 and, for her love of music, evolved into a cage & pole dancer for local clubs. Now she can be found entertaining audiences across the country. Her incredible visions, brought alive by music, are presented on the stage for you to enter her magical world! She performs sultry & classy burlesque with a twist of dark mystery.

Miss Scarlett Black resides in Austin, Texas with her pet raven, Nevermore.

Remi Martini

Remi Martini is an award winning performer that has been performing in Austin and the surrounding areas for over six years. She started her burlesque career with Big Star Burlesque in 2009. In 2010 she decided to become a solo performer. She has been slamming down the drinks since then.

She has performed a guest with most of the local troupes including the award winning Jigglewatts, Black Widow Burlesque,Bat City Bombshells Burlesque, and Fat Bottom Cabaret. She has also performed in wonderful cities like Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and New Orleans. ​

Remi Martini has also graced the stages of Texas Burlesque Festival (2010, 2011, 1012,2013,2014, 2015), The First Annual San Antonio Burlesque Festival (2012,2013,2014 winner of most original, 2015), Spanksgiving Burlesque Festival (2010, 2011,2013,2014), and the Dallas Burlesque Festival (2009).

Not only is she an experienced performer but has produced and assisted with overseeing Big Star Burlesque Productions. She has assisted other performers with honing their craft. ​​​Whether it be costuming or choreography she loves all aspects of Burlesque.

Roc Gaude

Roc Gaude grew up in a musical family – his uncle played trumpet for Doc Severinsen’s (Johnny Carson’s musical director) touring company, his father sang bass in the church choir – and spent many nights as a young godling singing rows and blending harmonies. He blames the vast array of musical styles he listened to on his current and extensive music collection. When he was not singing, he was deep-diving into geek culture – movies, tv, comic books, etc – which led to writing, performing and creating homemade costumes. After moving to Texas, he continued pursuing his two passions and took any opportunity to perform in singing or costume contests. After some gentle(?) prodding from the Mistress of Musicality Coco Lectric, he started taking classes in burlesque at the Austin Academy of Burlesque, which led to performing in a number of shows around the state of Texas, including the inaugural Texas Metal Burlesque Festival, the Tenacious D Tribute show, Burlesque the Vote 2019, and the first Krampus Kristmas show. He also co-produced the Homes for the Holidays charity show, which benefited Accessible Housing Austin. He frequently combines his loves of music, costuming, engineering know-how and geekdom to entertain his audiences. He is a member of the Austin Burlesque Alliance and the Bat City Bombshells. He just has one question for you – are you ready to rock?!

Roxie Moxie

Roxie Moxie is a glam-punk-rockin’ streak of flash and sass. Standing 4’10” without the heels (and she is rarely without), this tiny, tenacious teaser commands the stage. A classically trained dancer, Roxie began burlesquing in 2006 when she co-founded the Lollie Bombs, a contemporary burlesque ensemble. Since then, this hot little bump-and-grinder has tested the limits of burlesque performance with dynamic acts that exhibit comedic stylings and a knack for narrative storytelling. In 2008 Roxie relocated to Seattle, where she co-founded Stripped Screw Burlesque – a burlesque dance troupe with a decidedly modern take on the art of the striptease, and she took the stage in New York City where she played the part of Feral in SHINE: A Burlesque Musical in the 2010 NYC Fringe Festival. Roxie has most recently relocated to Austin, Texas were she co-produces Lowbrow @The Highball with Sassy Delure and dances with Avant Glam Cabaret and Innovation Performance Company.

Ruby Joule

Ruby Joule is a lissome and silky debutante with a talent for scandal! A classically trained dancer and professional actress, she has performed her award-winning acts all over the continent from Montreal to Las Vegas to Bourbon Street. She is a founding member of the Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue in Austin, Texas, and Austin Academy of Burlesque instructor. Ruby won “Best Debut” and “Most Classic” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas in 2012, was crowned “Texas Performer of the Year” 2011 by Hot Rods and Heels Festival, won “Best Costume” in 2009 and “Most Original” in 2007 at the Texas Burlesque Festival, and was named “2nd Runner Up” Queen of Burlesque at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival 2012. She has been featured in numerous festivals and headlined at the Toronto Burlesque Festival, Texas Burlesque Festival, Viva Dallas Burlesque, Bustout Burlesque in New Orleans, Peepshow Menagerie in L.A., and was named among the top 30 most influential figures in burlesque worldwide by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine (London) in 2011 and 2012. A pin-up model, music video queen, film actress, and international burlesque sensation, there aren’t enough hours in the day for this lone starlet! She’s the “gem you’d love to polish.”

Ruby Lamb

Miss Ruby Lamb has been a fixture of the Austin performance art and burlesque scene for many years. Miss Lamb was a member of Red Light Burlesque and is currently honored to be performing with The Jigglewatts Burlesque Review. She is also one of Austin’s infamous Satan’s Cheerleaders and part of the Naked Girls Reading Austin cast. Ruby is an instigator of hijinks, an ambassador of fun, and she encourages all who would follow to find some way to perform for others. In other words, she likes to make people do little dances and sing little songs and wear little hats and big petticoats. Ruby Lamb is soft as scarves and wicked as wool.

Sasha Dahl

She’s cute, she’s sweet, she’s oh so petite! That tiny tart from Texas Sasha Dahl! Sasha has had a fever for all things theatre since 1999, and is an Alum of the Vortex Repertory Company in Austin, Texas. She has studied at St. Edwards University, and has worked in community theatre for years both on stage and behind the scenes. She is well versed in technical theatre, dance, performance, and is a classically trained vocalist. You name it this pint size power house can do it. She caught the burly-q bug in 2007 with the debut of her doll number at the Mohawk. Since then she’s performed in Austin, Dallas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. She regularly stage manages shows, works production crews around Austin, and hops on stage to shimmy and shake as often as possible. She is the technical director and stage manager for the Texas Burlesque Festival, as well as an instructor for the Austin Academy of Burlesque. Sasha loves to play with gender stereotypes, tongue and cheek humor, and to approach the world with a strut.

Sassy Delure

The Versatile Vixen with Sass, Class and a whole lot of Pizzazz! Sassy Delure is a classically trained dancer with a B.F.A in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. She got her start in the cabaret world by working for Greg Thompson Productions in his northwest casino musical revue debut in 2001. She started her first cabaret “Ultra and the Satin Dolls” in 2003 with her friend Agent Rhinestone and soon after they formed the burlesque troupe The Heavenly Spies. For almost four years Sassy choreographed and performed in the Spies under the name Double Oh Sassy and was featured in The London Burlesque Festival in 2007. Upon return she started her solo career as Sassy Delure and performed regularly as a guest with the CanCan Castaways and later became a member of The CanCan Stowaways (both in-house cabaret troupes at The CanCan in Seattle). Sassy co-produced several shows in Seattle and toured the west coast with her friend Fuchsia Foxxx. Sassy has also performed with The SinnerSaints, The Atomic Bombshells, and in productions “Le Franciase Edition” and “Viva Oz Vegas” at The Triple Door in Seattle, WA. In 2011 Sassy re-located to Austin where she has performed with The Jigglewatts, in CherChez la Femme, at Austin Film Awards, Viva Las Vegas, and Viva Dallas Burlesque to name a few. That same year she was featured in a month long show in London called “Electric Burlesque/Boylesque”. In 2012 Sassy became the co-producer of Lowbrow @ The Highball with Roxie Moxie, was a featured performer/choreographer in Femmes for Sims, and started Avant Glam of which she is artistic director/choreographer.

Something Blue

Something Blue is an active member and associate producer of The Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue from Austin, TX. Since joining the Jigglewatts as an official member in 2015, Blue has performed all around Texas and across the country with the troupe, touring the west coast 6 times and performing as a troupe in the 2016 Munich Burlesque Festival. As a soloist, Something Blue is a member of the Austin Burlesque Alliance and a graduate of the Austin Academy of Burlesque. She has performed with Naked Girls Reading – Austin and loves to travel with her art. Blue has performed at several burlesque festivals including Texas, Dallas, Colorado, Oregon, Mile High and Munich and has toured in New York City, Chicago and Paris. Something Blue was the winner of Metalesque God at the 2019 Texas Metal Burlesque and Variety Festival.

In addition to burlesque, Something Blue plays the voice of the chief stewardess at WJST Jet Set Radio and is a published pinup model that has been seen in the pages of Bachelor Pad Magazine. Blue is also known as The Moontower Mermaid and can be seen at pool parties and special events or haunting the natural springs of Central Texas.

Community Members

Austin Academy of Burlesque

The Austin Academy of Burlesque has been a fabulous resource for burlesque bachelorette party classes, burlesque dance instruction and theatrical burlesque workshops and performances. Headmistress Coco Lectric travels around the world to study with burlesque legends and performance experts and mentors to bring her wealth of knowledge to Austin, TX. 

Lynn Rairdon

Terri Lynn Raridon aka Lynn has been performing in, choreographing and directing musicals in Austin since 1982. Show credits include: Gypsy, The Boyfriend, La Cage Aux Folles, The King and I, Carousel, Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum w/ Joe Sears and Jaston Williams of Greater Tuna fame, Jesus Christ Superstar, Will Rogers Follies and Fame. She was an integral producer and performer of the Club Sandwich caberet series at Esther’s Follies from 1989-1993. In 2004, Lynn transitioned her directing talents into the burlesque revival started in Austin by Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. Currently, Lynn directs most of her talents to event production and serves as Director and Producer of the Texas Burlesque Festival (2008-present), Extravagasm Fantasy Ball (2002-present), and Co-producer and Talent coordinator for The Austin Zombie Ball (2011).