Welcome to the only resource for connecting Austin’s Burlesque talent in one place. This website is dedicated to highlighting the official and comprehensive list of Austin’s active burlesque performers and scene. These are your #1 performers that are local to Austin and work together as a community to continue to lift up and celebrate the art form that is Austin Burlesque.

We are a diverse group of Austin Burlesque performers: check out Performers for the list of your local Austin Burlesque groups, troupes, and individuals; and our Calendar for the upcoming dates of our shows.

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The Austin Burlesque Alliance’s mission is to create a forum for active burlesque performers and producers in the Austin community. The Austin Burlesque Alliance aims to communicate and share ideas and information conducive to the support and improved excellence of the art form, to create safer spaces for performers and crew, and to promote diversity thereby strengthening the bond between artists in the burlesque community.

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